Alberta Television is the on-air name used by TiBB1 in the province of Alberta.


Alberta Television was formed on February 13, 2016 as the on-screen brand for the province of Alberta, as most of the Canadian regions started to create their own on-air regions. The region name has no connotation for it. In some on-air continuity announcements, the region is sometimes called TiBB1 Alberta.


Alberta Television is based in Calgary whilst its control room operation is in the studios of BC Now, Alberta Television's sister region in British Columbia. However, it has separate news bulletins from TiBB News for each city.


The services' on-air identity is a mixture of the national and regional TiBB1 idents. During programmes, it is simply known as Alberta TV.

However, the endboard shown in the region is the national endboard; without any captions.


Alberta Television itself does not produce any programming, however it co-produces the TiBB Eurovision and Christmasvision Song Contests, and the TiBB Podcast. It produces regional news and weather from its studios in Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge.

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