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CeBB3's logo since 9 September 2018.



Network type

Online television network



Launch date

22 February 2016 (as TiBB3)
21 February 2018 (as CeBB3)


Vision différemment.


TiBB Networks (a subsidiary of

Sister chhannels

TiBB One
TiBB Two
TiBB Gem
TiBB News First 24

Key people

Josiah Stuart (Chairman/
Website and Content Creator/
Programming Controller)


CeBB3 (formerly known as TiBB3) is a online television network owned by It was launched early on the morning of 22 February 2016. CeBB3 (until 20 February 2018) was dedicated to showing programmes related to youth culture, informational/educational, comedy, and drama. CeBB3 is geared more as a French language version of TiBB1. TiBB3 is the only channel from TiBB Networks to be completely online without commercials and (until 19 January 2018) without a live-stream.


In January 2016, TiBB Networks planned on launching a new channel in early 2016 following the launch of TMIX. Since the planning stages of the channel itself, it has been called TiBB3 (the pre-planned name for TMIX).

The channel will show lots of TV shows, from comedy and youth culture to drama and informational.

TiBB3's current look is one all its own. Because it is without commercial interruption and it does not have a live-stream for programmes, the only ident seen is the one before a programme begins playing.

In mid-October 2016, and new, alternate logo and look was revealed; giving the channel's graphics a more flat, modern style.

On 3 January 2017, coinciding with a corporate rebrand; TiBB3 was given a whole new look, whilst retaining a green coloured logo.

It was announced on 19 January 2018 that all of TiBB Networks would get a new main logo (using the eye logo indicator from TiBB News); which was to debut on TiBB News Tonight on 21 January 2018, and be first used on the date of the voting results of the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2018, 5 May 2018; but due to all of the TiBB1 regions praising the new look, the rebrand happened on 20 January 2018 (retaining the green colour used since launch.

In February 2018, to truly expand into the French language; TiBB Networks announced that TiBB3 would be rebranded as CeBB3 (whilst receiving a red colour scheme; and a France 3 style look of horizontal splitscreens, with the typeface called Brown; which is currently used by France Télévisions), with the programmes originally on TiBB3 being moved to TiBB GO!; and all of the French-language programmes on TiBB1 being moved to CeBB3.

The rebrand of TiBB Networks was modified on 8 May 2018, to become more in-line with the new look of TiBB News and the TiBB News Channel; with the new TEGNA-style graphics and music on all channels.

Another rebrand happened in September 2018, with the whole of TiBB Networks getting looks similar to the ones for the networks of France Télévisions.



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