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Internal Selection: 2010; 2014-Xmas 2018
TiBB Dansk Melodi Grand Prix: 2019-present


11 (9 finals)

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Best result

2nd: Xmas 2018

Worst result

Last: 2014
Disqualified: 2010

Denmark has participated in the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 10 times since its debut in 2010, although it has only been in 8 (soon to be 9 in December, and 10 in May) finals due to 2010's disqualification.



2010 was the year of Denmark's first participation. However, the only thing known about their participation for 2010 was that Denmark was disqualified during the grand final.

2011, 2012, and 2013Edit

From 2011 to 2013, Denmark was absent from the contest; with no one choosing Denmark as their country to participate as.

2014 and Xmas 2014Edit

In 2014, Denmark returned with its artist being Captain Denmark with the song "Denmark Is The Best". However, they came in last place (18th) with 16 points. They didn't return for Christmasvision 2014.

2015 and Xmas 2015Edit

2015 gave Denmark its best result yet (until Xmas 2016). They returned once again with Josiah Stuart (Josiah.) choosing to participate as himself with the song "Nothing Will Bring Us Down". They came in 10th place with 114 points. Then, after the results were fully revealed; Josiah had then revealed that he and Denmark would be participating in Christmasvision 2015. He had originally planned to have the first edition of the TiBB Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in November 2015, but he then pushed it back to 2016; then confirming his participation in TiBB Eurovision 2016.

2016 to 2018Edit

After confirming his participation in the 2016 contest, Josiah had announced that Denmark would end the internal selection system it has had since 2010; and replace it with the TiBB Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in April and May 2017. On 2 May 2016, Josiah revealed his song; "Too Hard to Care" as his song for the 2016 contest. On 5 June 2016, Josiah announced that he would take a break from participating in Christmasvision 2016 for an unknown reason to be revealed; but that would turn out to be false, as due to the new "10 Judges rule"; Josiah would participate again with the song "Flight", and he gave Denmark its best placing yet with 8th place and 141 points. In February 2017, Josiah announced that TiBB Dansk Melodi Grand Prix would never happen; as the internal selection has given Denmark good songs with good placings. Also (in addition to confirming his participation), Josiah's song for the 2017 contest was revealed. The song, titled "Ego"; is a darker song for Josiah, it is his first song using a professional-grade microphone; and it is his first song partially sung in French. A few weeks after the 2017 contest, Josiah announced that due to co-hosting TiBB Christmasvision 2017; Denmark will be withdrawing from the contest. However, just months before the contest; Josiah announced that he will be participating as well as co-hosting. In 2018 (in addition to participating), Josiah will become the executive supervisor and sole executive producer of TiBB Eurovision and Christmasvision; as Shaun decided to give him the hosting duties properly.

Xmas 2018 onwardEdit

The title for Josiah's Xmasvision 2018 song was revealed on the morning of 27 May 2018. The song was recorded and released in October 2018 a few days after the thread for the contest was posted. It was then revealed that the first edition of TiBB Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (choosing the representative for the 2019 contest) would happen on 10 October 2018. It was then revealed that Neah Loren and her song "Silent Fire" would be Josiah's first successors as the Danish representative at TiBB Eurovision.


Table key

  Winner    Second place    Third place    Last place 

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2010 N/a English TBA Disqualified
Did not participate from 2011 to 2013
2014 Captain Denmark English Denmark Is The Best 18 16
Did not participate in Christmasvision 2014
2015 Josiah Stuart English Nothing Will Bring Us Down 10 114
X-Mas 2015 English Ignite the Puzzle 13 124
2016 English Too Hard to Care 11 105
X-Mas 2016 English Flight 08 141
2017 English,
Ego 05 166
X-Mas 2017 English Places 05 197
2018 English,
Burnt Out 03 278
X-Mas 2018 English Alive 02 460
2019 Neah Loren English,
Silent Fire
  • ^1: The song also contains a spoken line of French at the beginning of the song.