Manitoba Television is the on-air name used by TiBB1 in the province of British Columbia.


Manitoba Television was formed on February 13, 2016 as the on-screen brand for the province of Manitoba, as most of the Canadian regions started to create their own on-air regions. The region name has no connotation for it. In some on-air continuity announcements, the region is sometimes called TiBB1 Manitoba.


Manitoba Television is based in Winnipeg, and its control room serves itself and SK Now; its sister region in Saskatchewan. Unlike the other Canadian regions (like its sister regions in Newfoundland and Labrador, the U.S., and the UK) for TiBB1, it has 1 newscast for the entire province.


The services' on-air identity is a mixture of the national and regional TiBB1 idents. During programming, it is simply known as Manitoba TV.

However, the endboard shown in the region is the national endboard; without any captions.


Manitoba Television itself does not produce any programming, however it co-produces the TiBB Eurovision and Christmasvision Song Contests, and the TiBB Podcast. It produces regional news and weather from its studios in Winnipeg.

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