Sims Next Top Model, often abbreviated SNTM, is a reality TV show in which a number of aspiring models compete to win prizes such as a cover and spread in various famous fashion magazines, cash prizes, and much more. 


Each season sees a number of model hopefuls competing in different challenges involving fashion, modelling and social media as well as photo shoots for magazines and brands. The smallest number of contestants is 10 (as seen in the Pilot cycle) while the largest number is 14 (as seen in the 1st cycle). Lately, each season features between 10 and 14 girls and guys. Each week, one or more elimination takes place based on the models' performance. Most seasons have begun in the United States, and in the earlier seasons the models would move to a new location once about 8-6 models remained, with some shorter trips taking place earlier on in the seasons.

Main seriesEdit


Judges of Sims' Next Top Model
Judge/Mentor Season (cycle)
Pilot 1
Athena Purcell Main
Judging panelists
Aiden Pendleton Main
Jennifer Bryde Main
Lorelai Hurst Contestant Mentor
Creative director
Aiden Pendleton Main

Series overviewEdit

Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-up(s) Other contestants in order of elimination No. of contestants Destinations
Pilot 2019 Lorelai Hurst TBA TBA 10 None
1 2019 TBA TBA TBA 14