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19 January 2018 (merged into TiBB Two)


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TMIX was a online television network owned by It was launched on 29 January 2016 hours before the sixth eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 17; and it closed 10 days before its 2nd anniversary on 19 January 2018. At the time of its closure, TMIX was dedicated to showing music-related programmes, pop, and youth culture; and it was geared more towards teenagers ages 12-19.

At times; TMIX was thought of, and is known to be, (the) "MuchMusic of TiBB" due to Much's strong influence on TMIX.


In December 2015, TiBB Networks planned on launching a specialty teen oriented and music-related channel in early 2016. In the planning stages of the channel itself, it was originally going to be called TiBB3 (the name was later used for TiBB Networks' new non live-streaming channel); as a way to connect all 3 channels. In early January 2016, the official name for the channel was revealed as TMIX.

The channel shows lots of TV shows, in addition to the music programming. One show in particular (already shown on Netflix), the fifteenth season of Degrassi: Next Class was shown in a 5 hour marathon when the channel launched.

TMIX's music station format was heavily influenced by Much's format from 2010-2012, however the first and final logos are based off of Much's current logo. The similarities in TMIX's logo, on-air branding, and show titles can all be easily spotted. However, there were no plans to adopt the current format or on-air branding used by Much.

TMIX showcased popular music from the mid-90s to the present day on its TMIX Countdown programme. It regularly aired music videos early in the morning between 1am and 7am.

TMIX Credits and DIB

Graphically, TMIX used its own credits with its own shows (excluding Real World) it airs (while music videos air during the credits), and (for the first month on-air) it used a dynamic information banner next to the TMIX DOG in the top right-hand corner of the screen; in February 2016, the dynamic information banner moved to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen while the logo was above it at the top of the screen, now bigger and with a timer bar for music videos and some shows. A second information banner is shown at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen at the beginning of programmes to show the classification rating and the details for the rating (TiBB1 later followed suit). In January 2017, the logo was moved to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen directly above the dynamic information banner.

TMIX's idents from March 2016 were based off of the 2010 MTV idents. In mid-October 2016, to signify a brand new look; a new logo was revealed. It sports a multi-coloured look, with the new idents and graphics to launch in the future weeks. With the new logo, the HD specific logo on the HD channel was dropped. On 30 January 2017 (the day after the 1 year anniversary), TMIX received the rights to create their own version of Real World. TMIX also also got new idents based off of fast changing colours, pictures, shapes, and fonts; and with these idents, the channel reverted to the original logo; although in a modified form. In June 2017, the dynamic information banner was moved back to the top right-hand corner of the screen; next to the logo.

When TiBB2 got rebranded as TiBB Go!, some of the YA-oriented programmes got moved to the rebranded channel; with additional encores on TMIX.

On 31 December 2017, it was announced suddenly that TMIX would be closed down and merged into sister channel TiBB Go!; with all programming moved over (except TiBB Dansk Melodi Grand Prix) with a revised schedule on TiBB Go! to incorporate TMIX's programmes.

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In December 2015, TiBB Networks (the subsidiary that runs TiBB1, TiBB Go!, TiBB3, TMIX, and TiBB Gem) launched a streaming video service called TiBB Play. It will show all episodes of the shows from all four channels hours (or minutes) after being shown.


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