TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015
Move Along
Christmasvision 2015 Logo Official
Final date 23 December 2015
Voting results date 24 December 2015
Venue Telenor Arena, Bærum, Oslo, Norway
Presenter(s) Rudolph
Director Shaun
Executive supervisor Shaun
Executive producer Shaun
Josiah Stuart
Broadcaster TiBB One 2018 Logo
Entries 27
Returning Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Monaco Monaco
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Withdrawing Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
System Each country/jury awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their top 10 songs; whilst the 5 judges ranked the songs from 1-27, with each judge awarding 27-1 points to the songs.
Winner Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar
TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest
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The TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015 was the 8th edition (2nd Christmasvision) of the annual TiBB Eurovision Song Contest musical event. The contest took place in Oslo, Norway, following Mokkajava's victory in the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The contest will consist of a final, which will took place on 23 December 2015; and a voting results show on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December 2015. The shows were presented by Rudolph and Augustine.


This year, like the past few years; Rudolph and Augustine returned to host the contest, this year in Oslo, Norway; after Mokkajava won TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Valletta, Malta.


The competition consisted of 1 grand final and 1 voting results show, a format which has been in use since the start of the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest. This year, both shows were simulcast on YouTube.

Running orderEdit

The final running order of the competing performances at the final will be decided by Shaun; days or hours before the contest begins.

Graphic designEdit

This year's graphic design was a bird made of flower petals with the wings spread out. The main Christmasvision logo had also gone under a slight redesign. That was the first TiBB Eurovision or Christmasvision with a scoreboard made by Josiah.


The following TiBB members were the 5 judges in the TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015.

  • Shaun
  • Niamh.
  • SuperV
  • _LucasMichael_
  • Tom*


A record breaking 27 countries participated this year, breaking the record of 23 set back in May 2015. The running order of the final was released on 22 December 2015. Each country was represented by a member of the forum on by their own choice. This year, countries that are not in the main contest are participating (i.e. Gibraltar). Australia withdrew for Christmasvision this year, althought it will return in May 2015. Andorra, Monaco, and Serbia; returned this year; which means they could be represented again. Unlike the main contest (like the Junior Eurovision Song Contest), there is only one show; held either the week before or after the main contest's Grand Final has been held.

Finalists Edit

NOTE:      means that a country has won.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in 2nd place.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in 3rd place.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in last place.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia No Way Sis "Half the Forum are Banned" 25 47
02 Flag of Romania Romania Jadele "An Ode to Marsh’" 3 203
03 Flag of Serbia Serbia Sissy Elliscott "Wurkit" 4 179
04 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom MC Josh and MC LucasMichael "Broadband Warriors" 21 69
05 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands In Vogues feat. that band from Jules Holland "No Feckin' Fairytale 'n Cork" 9 136
06 Flag of Norway Norway Kirklancaster and The Lancaster Bombers "One More Thread" 17 94
07 Flag of Italy Italy MOD ALOUD "Don't Make Me Infract You" 23 38
08 Flag of Croatia Croatia DJ Jamie "Fight for The Man in the Mirror" 22 61
09 Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar Johnnyuk123 "G - O - D" 1 243
10 Flag of Greece Greece Chocolate Smartie "TIBB Shady" 16 95
11 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Robin Romanos "Who Is Thee?" 18 84
12 Flag of Spain Spain Mariah Michael "All I want for Christmas is Drew" 5 177
13 Flag of Andorra Andorra Kirk & Kizzy "Fairy Tale of Serious Debates" 12 126
14 Flag of Sweden Sweden Mystic Mock ft. gamepodfan "Mock's Dinner" 6 166
15 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Mockman McMockymock "Trolley of the Lake" 19 81
16 Flag of Iceland Iceland Quizabella "Log On To TiBB You Fool" 15 97
17 Flag of Israel Israel The Netanyahoos "Last Christmas... A Song for Ben" 8 143
18 Flag of Monaco Monaco Eamonn and Ruthee "Fuck It (This Morning's Back)" 7 159
19 Flag of France France Mathéo Duret "So This Is TiBB" 27 20
20 Flag of Turkey Turkey Alda Trimmings "A Brief Run-Down of the Current Complex Global Political Situation, Conveyed via the Medium of Modern Pop Music" 11 135
21 Flag of Denmark Denmark Josiah Stuart "Ignite the Puzzle" 13 124
22 Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Bonqueisha Harrison "Til CBB's Over" 24 48
23 Flag of San Marino San Marino gamepodfanassanmarino "Ban Me Baby One More Time" 26 28
24 Flag of Russia Russia The Slug Princess "Colours of Death" 2 214
25 Flag of Lapland Lapland David Cameroink "Pig Talk" 10 136
26 Flag of Ireland Ireland Waterhogs Christmas Choir "Trumpet The Hard Nosed debater" 14 102
27 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Brush Ha "Hair" 20 73

Participating members (in alphabetical country order)Edit

  • Dezzy - Flag of Andorra Andorra
  • Jamie89 - Flag of Croatia Croatia
  • Loukas - Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
  • Josiah. - Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Jack - Flag of France France
  • Johnnyuk123 - Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar
  • kirklancaster - Flag of Greece Greece
  • Amy Jade - Flag of Iceland Iceland
  • Niamh. - Flag of Ireland Ireland
  • Livia - Flag of Israel Israel
  • LukeB - Flag of Italy Italy
  • Drew - Flag of Lapland Lapland
  • Benjamin - Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • Nathan - Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • Heaven = Winner - Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
  • Shaun - Flag of Monaco Monaco
  • Ammi - Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
  • Mokka - Flag of Norway Norway
  • Jay. - Flag of Romania Romania
  • Dollface - Flag of Russia Russia
  • gamepodfan - Flag of San Marino San Marino
  • Z - Flag of Serbia Serbia
  • Adam. - Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
  • Jake. - Flag of Spain Spain
  • Tom* - Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • MB. - Flag of Turkey Turkey
  • Jøsh - Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

Voting resultsEdit


International votingEdit

Voting SpokespersonsEdit

  • Flag of Denmark Denmark - Josiah Stuart
  • Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom - Jøsh


Extra videos & stuffEdit

TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015 Opening with TiBB1 Continuity

TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015 Opening with TiBB1 Continuity

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