TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2017
Feel The Passion!
TiBB Christmasvision 2017 Logo
TiBB Christmasvision 2017 Theme Logo
Final date 22 December 2017
Voting results date 23 December 2017
Venue Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Presenter(s) Rudolph
Josiah Stuart
Director Shaun
Executive supervisor Shaun
Executive producer Shaun
Josiah Stuart
Broadcaster Main: TiBB One 2018 Logo
Regional: Anglia 2017 Logo
Opening act Final: "Banned" performed by MB.
Results: "The Winner Takes It All" by AᗺBA, performed by Josiah Stuart
Entries 12
Debuting Belarus Belarus
Catalonia Catalonia
Returning Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Kosovo Kosovo
System Each country/jury awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their top 10 songs; whilst the judges rank all of the songs peformed from 1-12, giving 2-24 points to the songs.
Winner Belarus Belarus
"Deck The Boards"
TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest
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The TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2017 is the 14th edition (4th Christmasvision) of the annual TiBB Eurovision Song Contest musical event. The contest is taking place in Monte Carlo, Monaco, following MB's victory in the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The contest consists of a final, which will took place on 22 December 2017; and a voting results show on 23 December 2017. The shows will be presented by Rudolph, Augustine, and Josiah Stuart.

Sweden was originally going to perform 3rd in the running order with the song "Dye My Roots" by Daisy Grace; but first withdrew due to the song not being submitted to Shaun; they then performed 11th with a different song being submitted. Therefore, this is the first TiBB Eurovision/Christmasvision with no countries withdrawing. Also, Israel's entry was submitted late; yet it was still put into the competition.

This was also Shaun's last TiBB Eurovision/Christmasvision as executive supervisor, co-executive producer, and contest director; as Josiah will be taking over in May 2018. Also, Josiah will be taking over as host from Rudolph and Augustine in May 2018.

The winning song, "Deck The Boards"; has the record of highest number of points received with 321 points. Shaun, the composer of the song; also has the record of winning TiBB Eurovision/Christmasvision a total of 3 times.


This year, like the past few years; Rudolph and Augustine will return to host the contest; with Josiah Stuart joining them, this year in Monte Carlo, Monaco; after MB. won TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Gdansk, Poland. This will be the first time in TiBB Eurovision or Christmasvision with 3 hosts.


The competition will consist of 1 grand final and 1 voting results show, a format which has been in use since the start of the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest. This edition, due to time constraints; will not be simulcast on YouTube. However, Josiah will be making videos of hosting bits (including revealing the winner).

This edition, a variation of the judges' voting system was introduced (due to the low number of countries competing, each judge has 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 points to allocate to each song ranked by personal preference.

Running orderEdit

The final running order of the competing performances at the final was decided by Shaun; and released the day before the show begins.

Graphic designEdit

This year's graphic design is made up of circles against a near black background. The main TiBB Christmasvision logo has also gone under a slight redesign by Josiah. This will be the fifth TiBB Eurovision or Christmasvision with a scoreboard made by Josiah. This will also be the fourth TiBB Eurovision/Christmasvision with video postcards made by Josiah.


The following TiBB members will be the 10 judges in the TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2017.

  • Shaun
  • Josiah
  • Black Dagger
  • T*
  • Blurryface
  • Jake.
  • Niamh.
  • MB.
  • Babayaro.
  • Dezzy

NOTE: bold text represents those participating in the contest.


NOTE:      means that a country has won.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in 2nd place.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in 3rd place.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in last place.

Draw Country Artist Song Language Place Points
01 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Isabelle Warburton Look What Lotan Made Me Do English 07 174
02 Catalonia Catalonia Ripaul feat. LukeBint, Adam Velwh***, Mitchell Failor, and Nické Uncouleé Category Is (The Remix Part 2) English 03 240
03 Flag of Ireland Ireland Vanestiny's Child "Stan" English 08 172
04 Flag of Croatia Croatia Kylie "Your Forum Needs You" English 09 168
05 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Lewis Thorp "Him." English 04 226
06 Belarus Belarus Nicky91 "Deck the Boards" English 01 321
07 Flag of Denmark Denmark Josiah Stuart "Places" English 05 197
08 Flag of Kosovo Kosovo Johnny Logan & Kelly Clarkson "This Is Our Christmas Song" English 12 53
09 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Dezzy Peron "Don't Cry for Me, T.I.B.B." English 02 263
10 Albania Albania Shilpa Shetty "Dirk" English 11 88
11 Flag of Sweden Sweden The Snow Hoe "Josy Can You Hear Me?" English 10 110
12 Flag of Israel Israel The Tel Aviv String Quartet and a Guy on a Little Keyboard "I’m a Racist and I Didn’t Know" English 06 195

Participating members (in alphabetical country order)Edit

  • Lilbro - Albania Albania
  • Shaun - Belarus Belarus
  • TwentyOneThrones - Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Dezzy - Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Riley. - Catalonia Catalonia
  • Jamie89 - Flag of Croatia Croatia
  • Josiah - Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Niamh. - Flag of Ireland Ireland
  • Livia - Flag of Israel Israel
  • Nicky91 - Flag of Kosovo Kosovo
  • T* - Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • Blurryface - Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

Voting resultsEdit

International votingEdit

Jury Voting SpokespersonsEdit

  • Flag of Denmark Denmark - Wendy Roberts
  • Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom - Jøsh

NOTE: Due to the way the points were presented, the jury voting spokespersons were no longer needed.

Judges' Voting SpokespersonsEdit

  • Josiah


  • Due to Josiah co-hosting, Denmark originally withdrew from the contest; as Josiah did not want to have an advantage. However, due to realising that success could come again; The Point decided that Denmark would return to participate.

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