TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2016
TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Logo OFFICIAL
TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Theme OFFICIAL
Final date 4 June 2016
Voting results date 5 June 2016
Presenter(s) Rudolph
Director Shaun
Executive supervisor Shaun
Executive producer Shaun
Josiah Stuart
Broadcaster Main: TiBB One 2018 Logo
Regional: LDN 2017 Logo
Opening act Final: "G-O-D" performed by Johnnyuk123
Interval act Final: "Illuminate" performed by Josiah Stuart
Entries 14 (to date)
Debuting Flag of Estonia Estonia
Returning Flag of Australia Australia
Withdrawing Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of France France
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Lapland Lapland
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
Flag of Monaco Monaco
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of San Marino San Marino
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Turkey Turkey
System Each country/jury awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their top 10 songs, whilst the judges rank all of the songs peformed from 1-14.
Winner Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar
TiBB Eurovision Song Contest
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The TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be the 9th edition of the annual TiBB Eurovision Song Contest musical event. The contest will take place in Westside, Gibraltar, following Johnnyuk123's victory in the TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015. The contest will consist of a final, which will take place on 4 June 2016; and a voting results show on 5 June 2016. The shows will be presented by Rudolph and Augustine. This year, the show had to be postponed to June for the first time ever.


This year, like the past few years; Rudolph and Augustine will return to host the contest, this year in Westside, Gibraltar; after Johnnyuk123 won TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015 in Oslo, Norway.


The competition will consist of 1 grand final and 1 voting results show, a format which has been in use since the start of the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest. This year, both shows will be simulcast on YouTube.

Running orderEdit

The final running order of the competing performances at the final will be decided by Shaun; days or hours before the contest begins.

Graphic designEdit

This year's graphic design is made up of squares and triangles against a blue-to-black gradient background. The main TiBB Eurovision logo has also gone under a slight redesign. This will be the second TiBB Eurovision or Christmasvision with a scoreboard made by Josiah, and the first made by Tom*. This will also be the first TiBB Eurovision/Christmasvision with video postcards made by SuperV and Josiah.


The following TiBB members will be the 5 judges in the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

  • LeatherTrumpet
  • _LucasMichael_
  • Josy
  • ProfessorSmooth
  • Ammi


14 countries participated this year, failing to break the record of 27 set back in December 2015; due to the fact that a whopping 18 countries withdrew this year. The running order of the final was released on ? June 2016. Each country was represented by a member of the forum on by their own choice. Unlike the main contest (like the Junior Eurovision Song Contest), there is only one show; held either the week before or after the main contest's Grand Final has been held. This year, the contest was held in June for the first time ever.

Returning artistsEdit

This year, there are 2 artists returning to snatch the trophy. Johnnyuk123 has returned to participate as Gibraltar and keep the title. Josiah Stuart has returned for a third contest in a row for Denmark. Josiah placed 10th in 2015, and 13th in Xmas 2015.


NOTE:      means that a country has won.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in 2nd place.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in 3rd place.
NOTE:      means that a country has come in last place.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Italy Italy Conor McGregor "Me Your Multi" 12 83
02 Flag of Greece Greece Anastasia Papadickus "TBA" 10 109
03 Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar Johnnyuk123 "Troublemaker" 01 211
04 Flag of Spain Spain Dyke "My Stance" 06 142
05 Flag of Australia Australia Dah Me! "Sound of Typing" 13 80
06 Flag of Malta Malta Gabriela N "Thunder of Your Heartbeat" 14 54
07 Flag of Iceland Iceland Spanku Johnny "Bold" 04 176
08 Flag of Sweden Sweden Felicia Quiche "Empire State of Unkind" 05 143
09 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Elton Russell & Jade Good-Dee "Don't Go Breaking my Heart" 02 184
10 Flag of Estonia Estonia Twitter Twisters "Shade Enough" 03 184
11 Flag of Moldova Moldova Demonica Interzis "Breaking Your Rules" 09 110
12 Flag of Croatia Croatia Jamieroquai "Virtual Insanity" 07 115
13 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Dezzy Cray Bansen "The Mod and the Hulk" 08 115
14 Flag of Denmark Denmark Josiah Stuart "Too Hard to Care" 11 102

Participating members (in alphabetical country order)Edit

  • SuperV - Flag of Australia Australia
  • Jamie89 - Flag of Croatia Croatia
  • Jake. - Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
  • Josiah. - Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Shaun - Flag of Estonia Estonia
  • Johnnyuk123 - Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar
  • Riley95 - Flag of Greece Greece
  • Niamh. - Flag of Iceland Iceland
  • Mokka - Flag of Italy Italy
  • Nicky91 - Flag of Malta Malta
  • Glenn. - Flag of Moldova Moldova
  • Drew. - Flag of Spain Spain
  • Tom* - Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • Dezzy - Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom

Voting resultsEdit

Voting results
ESCTotalScore Flag of Australia Flag of Croatia Flag of Cyprus Flag of Denmark Flag of Estonia Flag of Gibraltar Flag of Greece Flag of Iceland Flag of Italy Flag of Malta Flag of Moldova Flag of Norway Flag of Slovakia Flag of Spain Flag of Sweden Flag of United Kingdom J
ESCContestants Italy 83 8 6 6 5 29
Greece 105 7 4 31
Gibraltar 211 7 8 5 6 10 58
Spain 142 1 12 4 4 8 34
Australia 80 12 2 26
Malta 54 5 1 5 23
Iceland 176 3 3 2 10 6 55
Sweden 143 10 5 12 34
Cyprus 184 10 3 3 12 52
Estonia 184 6 7 10 1 7 53
Moldova 110 4 8 1 40
Croatia 115 2 7 12 3 35
United Kingdom 115 4 1 36
Denmark 102 8 2 2 30

International votingEdit

Voting SpokespersonsEdit


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