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TiBB Networks' logo from 9 September 2018.




2015; 4 years ago


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Area served

United Kingdom
United States

Key people

Josiah Stuart (Chairman/
Website and Content Creator/
Programming Controller)




TiBB One
TiBB Two
TiBB Gem
TiBB News First 24

Radio stations

TiBB Radio One
TiBB Radio 2


For the love of TiBB


TiBB Networks (stylised as TiBB•ntwrks), is an independent media company created by Josiah Stuart. It operates six digital online-only channels: TiBB One, TiBB Go!, CeBB3, TiBB Gem, TiBB News Channel; its news organisation, TiBB News First; and its production arm, TiBB Studios.

It was formed out of because of the popularity of both TiBB1 and TiBB GO! after the TiBB Christmasvision Song Contest 2015.

TiBB Networks never had any competition until June 2018 when LNZ was launched.


After the viewership fall of TiBB1 from mid-2013 to July 2015, Josiah Stuart had (silently through the Channel TiBB and TiBBxtra rebrands) created TiBB Networks as a subsidiary spin-off of; as a way to solidify TiBB's digital side, but to also unify TiBB1 and TiBB2 under one reorganised company.

Once TiBB Networks had formed, the websites both itself and the TiBB Play on-demand streaming website had gotten big influxes of viewers.

On 28 February 2016, just 6 months and 1 day since TiBB Networks was formed; a new logo was made and put in use. The new logo is based off of the current alternate logo of BBC America.

In late 2016 and early 2017, TiBB Networks had a corporate and digital reorganisation which saw the Assistant Chairman and ROBLOX controller positions axed, the addition of new programmes to all channels, the reorganisation of TiBB News programmes, and the addition of a production arm.

In June and July 2017, TiBB Networks announced that TiBB Studios would be given a sub-arm for Josiah's YouTube stuff, called Cubed Productions. They also announced that a new channel (made specifically for specific movies, shows, and events) would be created; and that TiBB News would have its own channel within the next few weeks. Also, they announced effective immediately; that Radio TiBB would be rebranded as TiBB Radio One and that TiBB Radio 2 would begin broadcasting.

In mid-August 2017, it was announced (effective immediately) that TiBB2 would be rebranded as TiBB Go!; with most programming staying the same, or YA (young adult)-oriented programmes shown on TMIX now being shown on TiBB Go! with encores on TMIX. On 20 August 2017, the new channel; named TiBB Gem was created.

On 31 December 2017, it was announced suddenly that TMIX would be closed down and merged into sister channel TiBB Go!; with all programming moved over (except TiBB Dansk Melodi Grand Prix) with a revised schedule on TiBB GO! to incorporate TMIX's programmes. It was announced on the date of TMIX's closure and merger into TiBB Go! that all of TiBB Networks would get a new main logo (using the eye logo indicator from TiBB News); which was to debut on TiBB News Tonight on 21 January 2018, and be first used on the date of the voting results of the TiBB Eurovision Song Contest 2018, 5 May 2018; but due to all of the TiBB1 regions praising the new look, the rebrand happened on 20 January 2018.

In February 2018, to truly expand into the French language; TiBB Networks announced that TiBB3 would be rebranded as CeBB3 (whilst receiving a red colour scheme), with the programmes originally on TiBB3 being moved to TiBB Go!; and all of the French-language programmes on TiBB1 being moved to CeBB3.

The rebrand of TiBB Networks was modified on 8 May 2018, to become more in-line with the new look of TiBB News and the TiBB News Channel; with the new TEGNA-style graphics and music on all channels, and both TiBB Radio 1 and TiBB Radio 2 received the TEGNA music.

Another rebrand happened in November 2018, with the whole of TiBB Networks getting looks similar to the ones for Ireland's Virgin Media Television.


TiBB Networks owns the following assets:

  • TiBB One (formerly Channel TiBB and TiBB1), the first news and entertainment channel on TiBB.
  • TiBB Two (formerly TiBBxtra, TiBB2, and TiBB Go!), a lifestyle, social media, and music channel oriented towards teens and young adults.
  • CeBB3 (formerly TiBB3), TiBB's first French-language channel for news and entertainment (the French counterpart to TiBB1); originally was solely on TiBB Play.
  • TMIX, TiBB's first teen-based network and music station (closed on 19 January 2018, and merged into TiBB Two).
  • TiBB Gem, a new channel for select movies, TV shows, and sporting events.
  • TiBB News First, TiBB's News and Current Affairs division.
  • TiBB Studios, the production arm of TiBB Networks.
    • Cubed Productions, the sub-arm of TiBB Studios.
  • TiBB Radio One, the first radio station on TiBB; broadcasting news and entertainment.
  • TiBB Radio 2, TiBB's second radio station; playing music 24/7.


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